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August 2021

Within the framework of the AIF project, equipment for the operation of a pottery workshop is purchased

In order to create a potters 'workshop - Pape Ķoņi clay bakery - within the framework of the project, all the equipment (2 potters' lathes, an electric ceramic kiln, other equipment) for the workshop has been purchased.

In the course of the project, it is also planned to create a brick pottery oven.


August 2021

The AIF project is used to purchase digital equipment

In order to provide KIF members with the opportunity to learn, meet online with coaches, and to manage the needs of a pottery workshop in the future, part of the AIF 's donor project "KIF Restart" has only purchased a full set of computer equipment.  

The set includes a desktop computer, a high-resolution monitor, a keyboard, a computer mouse and MS Office software.

The AIF project creates a KIF website

In order to achieve the goals of the foundation and the project faster and more accurately, a website was created as an initial part of the AIF project "KIF restart". With the help of the new members of the foundation, the design of the site was created, as well as the logo, visual guidelines and social networks were updated.  

In addition, the news of the foundation, which you can get acquainted with, is actively updated  on the home page.

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